Mahia Peninsula

The Mahia Peninsula, also written as Māhia Peninsula, is located on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, between the cities of Napier and Gisborne.

The peninsula is 21.7 kilometres (13.5 mi) long and 11.3 km (7 mi) wide. Its highest point is Rahuimokairoa (397 m (1,302 ft)) above sea level. Mahia was initially an island but over time,a sand bar joined it to the North Island.

The name Mahia means „indistinct sound“.
Portland Island (‚Waikawa‘) is a small island off the southern tip of Mahia Peninsula with an unmanned lighthouse. It was named by Kahungunu when he visited there to look for fresh drinking water and only found salt water[citation needed]. Waikawa means „sour water“.
Whales often strand on the shallow sand build up[citation needed].
Shore whaling was briefly important on the Mahia Peninsula and early whalers had a whaling station on the farm „Kini Kini“, sheltered by „Long Point“ on the west coast of the peninsula.

Source: Wikipedia