The Beach
Activities such as swimming, diving, sun bathing, surfing and other recreational water activities are popular at Blackhead. Commercial water operations such as fishing are not very common at Blackhead due to the nearby marine reserve forbidding harm to the marine wildlife. Fishing outside of the reserve is common. Blackhead Beach is a lovely sandy beach.

Blackhead is located on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It is located some 74 kilometres south of Napier. Blackhead Beach is a sandy beach, similar to other Hawke’s Bay beaches such as Shoal Beach. There is a marine reserve located offshore from Blackhead Beach.

There are a few coastal beach properties located at Blackhead. The population of Blackhead is low, and there are only a few roads located in the area. Located at Blackhead is also a camping site, and many campers visit Blackhead especially during the hot Hawke’s Bay summer months.

The Te Angiangi Marine Reserve covers an area of 446 hectares and extends one nautical mile offshore between Shoal Beach and Blackhead. The Marine Reserve offers the public a wonderful chance to experience an untouched marine natural habitat. School groups, families, and visitors to the area can explore the tidal pools at low tide and dive in the pools within the Marine Reserve so long as no marine life is moved or taken. Scuba diving and snorkelling in the waters within the Te Angiangi Marine Reserve enables the public to enjoy the rich marine life in its natural habitat. The Marine Reserve has an informative board about the many coastal birds in the area.

Source: Wikipedia