Mount Taranaki

Egmont Nationalpark

Egmont National Park cover 33,534 hectares. Here the volcano Taranaki (or Mt Egmont as it is also known) rules supreme standing tall above the surrounding landscape. Beside it are two volcanoes of an earlier era: Kaitake and Pouakai.

In good weather it is a challenging climb for the fit and well prepared. For those wanting a more relaxing experience there are beautiful walks through verdant forest to waterfalls, wetlands and excellent viewpoints. Standing as it does in isolation from other mountains it is one of the best parks from which to get an elevated view of another New Zealand – the rural heartland.
It was established as a national park in 1900, the second in New Zealand after its not too distant neighbour, Tongariro.

Egmont National Park can be found on the western coast of New Zealand’s North Island. The nearest towns are New Plymouth, Inglewood, Stratford and Opunake.

Source: Departement of Conservation