Cessna O I Bird Dog
Developed from the civil Model 170, production of the Bird Dog (also known as the L 19) began in 1950, with 3431 being produced. The Model 170 had been modified with a redesigned aft fuselage with transparent panels in the roof and a wider access door. The type was first used in the Korean War, and later in the Vietnam War for Forward Air Control work.

Lockhead 12A Electra Junior
First produced in 1936 as a smaller version of the Model 10 Electra (as used by Union Airways in New Zealand) the 12A Electra was an eight seat monoplane. The example at the show was used by the Conoco Oil Company in Las Vegas in 1938. After World War Two, she was purchased by a property developer and finished her flying career dropping skydivers in 1978. Pat Donovan found the aircraft in a hanger in Texas, and restored it to flying status.