Curtiss P 40N-I Kittyhawk

This rare ‚N‘ model Kittyhawk is jointly owned by Garth Hogan and Charles Darby, and served in New Guinea with 75 Wquadron, RAAF as A29-448, ‚GA-C‘. A forced landing at Tadji strip in May 1944 resulted in the aircraft being disassemled and placed in open storage with other RAAF aircraft. Over time the jungle reclaimed them.

They were not disturbed until the early seventies when a warbird resurgence resulted in many aircraft being taken from Tadji to the United States. A number of the personnel locating the aircraft were from Australia and New Zealand, one being Charles Darby who brought ‚GA-C‘ to New Zealand in 1974. ‚CA-G’s first flight took place on 17 March 2000 with John Lamont at the controls. The aircraft has been restored in its RAAF colours as A29-448, those that it carried during its operational life in New Guinea.