HMB Endeavour Replica

In January 1988, to commemorate the bicentenary of European settlement in Australia, work began in Fremantle, Western Australia on a replica of Endeavour. The survival of the original drawings from the 1768 refit at Deptford meant that the replica could be made as similar as possible to the original ship. Financial difficulties delayed completion until April 1994. She then embarked on her own world trip, calling at many ports along the way. After a long voyage the ship is alongside at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney.

The ship first visited Whitby, the original Endeavour’s home port in England, in 1997 and left in 2003.

Research conducted by Karl Heinz Marquardt has cast interesting doubt on the accuracy of the Mizzen Mast dimensions in replica craft (and scale models). A number of the original drawings of Earl of Penbroke and Endeavour still are in existence, although these do not include a mast plan. One drawing (3814c) has written mast and spar dimensions including that of 16 yards 29 inches for the mizzen. Marquardt compares the dimensions of the masts to those in the Navy Standard (W Sutherland, The Ship Builders Assistant, (London 1711, reprint Rotherfield 1989) and dimensions suggested by other sources for mizzen (specifically J Davis from The Seamen’s Speculum, London 1711 reprint N.R.G 1985 and J H Roding (unattributed)). All of the other masts are longer than contemporary standards. The mizzen is however shorter than the standards, unless the length in the drawing 3814(c) is a transcription error and should be 19 yards 29 inches (rather than 16/29). The 16/29 reproduction produces a very truncated looking mast, and is inconsistent with the few contemporary reproductions of Endeavour (including sketches of the acclaimed Sydney Parkinson who was the draughtsmen on the first voyage).

Details taken from K H Marquardt „Captain Cook’s Endeavour“ published 1995 (ISBN 9708 85177 8969) from the „Anatomy of the Ship“ series by publisher Anova Books, London, pp18-20, Parkinson sketch p32.