Aviemore Dam

Lake Aviemore was first investigated as a hydro-generation option in the early 1920s but construction of the dam and power station did not begin until 1962.

The dam has both earth and concrete sections.
Concrete sections incorporate the intakes, powerhouse, spillway and sluices. It is made of 18 separate blocks containing a million tonnes of material.
The earth section contains about 1.2 million cubic metres of material; it has an impervious clay central core supported, both upstream and downstream, by massive shoulders of compacted sand, gravel and rock.
The spillway allows water to bypass the powerhouse and can cope with a flow of 3,700 cubic metres per second, a „once-in-a-thousand-years“ flood.
A fish spawning race allows trout to migrate upstream from Lake Waitaki to spawning grounds close to the dam. Up to 3,000 adult trout can be accommodated in the race.

Key statistics
– Lake Aviemore area: about 29 square kilometres
– Length of dam: 760 metres
– Length of concrete section: 330 metres
– Nominal annual generation: 900 GWh
– Installed capacity: 220 MW