Tekapo B Power Station

Tekapo B station was commissioned in 1977. It was bilt on dry land and was surrounded by water when the Pukaki High Dam was built.
About two-thirds of of the powerhouse foundation is now below the water Level.

Situated in Lake Pukaki.
Located at end of a 26.5 kilometre-long canal which takes water from Tekapo A; average canal depth, 5.3 metres.
147 metre height difference between canal and Lake Pukaki.
Constructed in 1977 on dry land but was surrounded by water when Lake Pukaki was raised to a new range of operating levels following the completion of the Pukaki high dam.
Substructure is 32 metres high on top of which is the (visible) station superstructure.

Key statistics
– Nominal annual generation: 800 GWh
– Installed capacity: 160 MW