The Grove

Turning right at the Clifton crossroads will bring you to this enchanting place. „The Grove“ is characterised by massive rata trees growing out of curiously-shaped limestone outcrops. In early summer the rata is a blaze of red but at any time of the year the short (10 minute) walk from the carpark to the viewpoint is well worth the effort. Just before the lookout the track is confined to a narrow slot between two massive, vertical limestone cliffs.

Hidden away in this area are several other interesting places to visit: Arts & Crafts, orchards, local produce and finally by following the signs up the road, the Begonia House, perched on a commanding site with views over the lower valley and sea. Once inside the building, one’s overwhelming impression is that of tropical exuberance, from the row after row of brilliant blooms in many shades and sizes. Originally from the jungles of South America, the begonia is now thoroughly at home in New Zealand.