Cozy Nook

The true name of this cove is Mullet Bay. Now a cosy place with a few holiday batches / cribs / shacks, it used to be a safe haven for fishing boats.
The place was named by Captain George Thomson after his homeland Scottish village Cozy Neuk.

Craggy cove sheltering several fishing boats and holiday homes. Early settlers reported Pahi’s village, a Ngai Tahu settlement with forty houses. The small island Matariki was once a defended pa site.

Solander Island
On a clear day it’s possible to see the larger of the Solander Islands on the souths west horizon. The Islands were named on 11. March 1770 by Captain James Cook as he explored the waters in the Endeavour.

Daniel Carl Solander (1733-82) was a distinguished Swedish botanist who, as assistant to
Josef Banks, sailed with Cook on his first great voyage of discovery to the Pacific Ocean.