Slope Point

Slope Point is the southernmost point of the South Island of New Zealand.

Slope Point lies just south of the small settlements of Waikawa and Haldane, near the southwestern edge of the Catlins and Toetoes Bay and 70 km (40 mi) east of Invercargill.

The land around Slope Point is used for sheep farming with no houses anywhere nearby. Eroded cliffs drop down to the sea below. An AA signpost there shows the distance to the Equator and the South Pole, and a small solar-powered lighthouse stands on farmland.

There is no road to Slope Point; it must be reached by a 20-minute walk following dilapidated yellow markers. There is no public access during the lambing season (September – November).

Contrary to popular belief, this point reaches some 5 kilometres further south than does Stirling Point at Bluff, rendering Slope Point the southernmost portion of the South Island mainland. The road does not extend to the end of the point but turns westward to reach the coast. The route continues to skirt the flax-backed mudflats of the Haldane Estuary before cutting across to reach Porpoise Bay.

Source: Wikipedia